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Krank "Freispruch" CD/LP

Manufacturer: Snayle Records

Product Code: SR016

Formed in 2002, Krank is putting out their third full length-record Freispruch.
A mixture between fast punk songs and sing-alongs with a raised fist up in the air.
German lyrics dealing with society, religion and relationships.
Still straight forward punk rock, still no compromise, still D.I.Y.

1. Durstige Augen 2:27
2. Breite Füsse 2:37
3. 10 Uhr 21 3:42
4. Die Absolution des K. F. Schmidt 3:45
5. Laster 3:15
6. Schwarze Flecken 1:49
7. Blut An Deiner Hand 2:16
8. Punk Polizei 1:53
9. I Paid My Price For Freedom 3:52
10. Henry Maske 2:16
11. Tote Katzen 2:56
12. Fuck Them All 3:21
13. Pan Pan Pan 2:49



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